Crescent Park, Surrey, British Columbia

Halloween in Montreal

Szczytnicki Park, Wroclaw, Poland

All the colours of the rainbow in autumn at Alfred Nicholas Gardens
by Elana Bailey


October feels like the home sweet home of all the months. The moment the calendar reaches October 1st I get this warm and cozy feeling that lasts for 31 glorious days. I absolutely love it.


Happy First Day of Autumn Halloweenies!!!! :D It’s here! It’s FINALLY here! Autumn has arrived! It’s a cool, grey, cloudy day here in WA, perfect weather to celebrate with! Dust off those hoodies, shine up those boots and tie up those scarves! Enjoy the day! Ah! I’m so happy! Goodbye Summer!!! 


Autumn in Kyoto, Japan by Hakuei_Photo


we are in full autumnal retreat

this weekend

will be books, baking and strolling 

down leaf strewn country lanes….

rain or no ~ PdvMorris

photo by Mike Pinches ©


Yesterday at the Big E

Perna Studios Halloween sketch card by Achilleas Kokkinakis

Perna Studios Halloween sketch card by Achilleas Kokkinakis